Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Receptionist

The phone rings every second, everyone always needs her.
She always has to answer with a smiling face.
Even if she sounds happy, she may be frowning.
If she sounds angry, she might as well be smiling.
She works so hard, she never stops.
So, receptionist. How can you do all of this?
How do you handle it? 
That is my question for you, receptionist.


  1. I really like your writing.
    Super blog!

    Follow me back?

  2. wow That's REALLY good! Never thought of that before! haha Fav poem atm! Congratulations Daneeeee!- Aline aka NiniZim ;)

  3. Loooove you Dani and all your sisters, you are the best singers i ever heard<3<3

    Im from Denmark thats why its not that good english

  4. Wow. (: I love your blog. ;)
    And all your songs to. You are amazing.
    I follow you ! A kiss. <3